Welcome October 31 2014

Doebabe's Whipped Butters was manifested out of a wife and mother's love. Ms. Doebabe's husband and son both suffered from psoriasis around their hair follicles. Typically flair ups are on the scalp and beard area. Medications where expensive, smell bad, or did not work. Ms. Doebabe decided to research and find a cheaper and natural alternative to help her family. DWB started with whipped shea butter that was beneficial with added essentials and fragrance that smelled amazing. It worked and from word of mouth it took off. It was amazing to help a community of people that was like me, shared the same concern and problems. DWB is here to help soothe and bring forth empowerment of people with skin ailments.

DWB helps with psoriasis, eczema, blackheads, etc. Try us!!