Handmade Lovtion Candles

$ 10.00


Romantic lighting, pleasurable, luxurious aromas and room scenting, relaxing and moisturizing, skin nourishing massage lotion candle. 

Pure soy wax, blended with moisturizing organic body butters, and essential oils like Shea, Cocoa, Mango butters and Coconut oil,100% alcohol and paraffin free.

Our candles are hand-poured, non-colored, will stimulate the senses through aromatherapy while relaxing your mind, and moisturizing your skin. All these treats come from one unique candle. Suitable for use from head to toes, this silky lotion will not clog your skin's pores and will absorb completely leaving you moisturized with a scrumptious scent all over your body.


Light the wick and enjoy the beautiful aroma and light. After melting, put out the candle, pour a small portion of melted lotion in your hands/drizzle on body and massage. the melted body lotion is warm, a few degrees higher than body temp.

**However test lightly and always be careful.


Formulated with a Proprietary Blend of Skin/Conditioning Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Vitamin E

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