Bubbling Bathtime Cupcakes

$ 6.00


Made to order:

Bubbling BathTime Cupcakes contain skin nourishing & moisturizing butters. These beautiful handmade bathcakes come in assorted scents and colors. Bubbling Bathtime Cupcakes  frosting top is solid bubble bath with bath bomb base.


As the bath tub is filling up, hold bubbling frosting under warm-hot water. The bubbling frosting can be used alone or continue with bath care. Bathtime Cupcakes treat base will fizz and produce colorful foam and bubbles while releasing the moisturizing butters & oils as it dissolves. Agitating the water vigorously will also help produce fluffy bubbles, enjoy!


Bathtime Cupcakes base: baking soda, citric acid, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (a surfactant made from coconut and palm), tapioca starch, soy bean oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, neem oil, buttermilk powder, cream of tartar, fragrance oil, batch certified dye, and alcohol.

Bubbling frosting: baking soda, citric acid,  sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (surfactant made with coconut and palm), cream of tartar, tapioca starch, shea butter, cocoa butter, soybean oil, vegetable glycerin, vanilla free fragrance oil, batch certified dye, and alcohol.

**+/- fragrance, colorant, flowers, herbs, sprinkles and essential oils can be customized (email/text for suggestions and associated fees)

Cupcake Bath Bomb is approximately 5 to 6 ounces and comes shrink wrapped in protective packaging.

Bathtime Cupcakes are great party favors for parties, showers, or gifts. 

  Be careful in tub due to oils, may be slippery!

***3-5 day turn around, made to order!!

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