Milk Bath Melts

$ 10.00


Milk Bath Melts are the perfect gift for anybody who would like to sit in the bathtub and relax. There are lightly scented with LuvSpell fragrance oil. These are more moisturizing than a bath bomb. The coconut milk leaves your skin feeling fabulous. 

These shea & cocoa butter bath melts are great for those looking for luxury moisturizing bath treat. They leave your skin feeling moisturized and soothed. 

Each bag of bath melts are roughly 3.2 ounces and contain 3/5 in each bag, based on weight. 

Squares 3 per bag 

Hearts 5 per bag 

Roses 3 per bag 

No Herbs/Flowers 3 per bag

 Directions: Fill your bathtub with hot water. Place your luxury Milk Bath Melt in the bathtub. Get in, relax, and enjoy!  As always, be careful when getting out of your bathtub so you do not slip!

****This product can be customized with butters, oils, clays, glitters, bubbler, and salts with an additional fee.  


Baking soda, Citric Acid, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, neem oil, tea tree oil, Fragrance, Color, +\-Flowers & Herbs.

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