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Indulge your skin with one of our aromatic bath teas. Coconut Milk base is great for the skin while relaxing and calming. Bath Tea adds moisture, smoothing skin It's also wonderful for dry hair as well. We have many different scents of milk baths . Try them all!

1. Unscented:

Blend of salts (Dead Sea Salts, European, Pacific, Epsom, Himalayan), Cornstarch, Black Tea, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Coconut Milk, herb blend, essential oil blend.


2. Cashmere Gold: Unscented base w/ dried chamomile, rose petals, lemon peels, and calendula flowers. The all-natural light citrus & bergamot relaxes the senses while stimulating your body. lightly scented bergamot & lemon 

3. Lavender: Unscented base w/ lavender essential oil & lavender buds. smells of lavender

4. Oatmeal & Brown Sugar: Unscented base w/ colloidal oats, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, and anise. lightly scented with brown sugar

5. Roses & Champagne: Unscented base w/ rose clay, rose petals, ground hibiscus, calendula petals, lighted scented roses & champagne

6. Island Bliss: Unscented base w/ jasmine buds, chamomile, mint, lemon powder, and alfalfa powder. lightly scented with island bliss

7. Detox: Unscented base w/ charcoal, aloe vera powder, spinach powder, orange powder, cacao powder and cumin. lightly scented with black pepper, lemon and ginger

8. Stud: Unscented base w/ added fragrance. smells of lemon, bergamot and sandlewood


This listing is for one 16oz bag of blended tea mix with a reusable organza bag.  Allow tea bag to steep for at least ten minutes.

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